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This year more than ever, we're all craving a bit of the outdoors, so we've taken note and are bringing you some fantastic new outdoor classes this year from our team and the incredible Manna from Devon Wood Fired Cookery School. Take a look at our wonderful interactive classes which get you out of the kitchen, over the takeaways and enjoy delicious dining in the fresh air! Our outdoor classes will have you paired up and currently we are limiting our class size 8 people.

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Wood fired cooking - Manna from Devon at Lainston

Join David Jones from the renowned Manna from Devon Cookery School for a hands on introduction to the versatility of wood fired ovens. 

Start the day by arriving for refreshments in the kitchen garden (subject to weather of course!) with an introduction to wood fired oven cooking. Then it is time to really immerse yourself, where you will get involved in preparing and cooking everything from pizza to fish, as well as learning the art of roasting, grilling and baking! Who knew wood fired oven cooking could be so versatile and more importantly so flavoursome?! 

Refreshments will be included throughout the day. You will get the chance to savour your creations during the morning and afternoon and as well as some "show and tell" with your baked breads and cakes. All classes include detailed notes and recipes as well as links to learning, videos and links to suppliers and a keep sake Season cookery school apron.

9.30am - 4.30pm
Saturday 27th March 2021
Saturday 15th May 2021
£195 per person

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Posh Barbeque

Have you perfected your barbeque skills so you're the envy of the family? Impress your guests with mouth watering recipes which are easy to remember and follow (don’t worry, we will give you a copy of the recipe card in case you do forget!) There is no test at the end, we promise!

Learn how to cure, smoke, braised pulled pork, one of our favourites - sticky ribs and double pork sirloin chop with Dr Pepper sauce. All topped off with the best garden chilli coleslaw and dirty wedges. Now who can resist that?  

Class includes refreshments throughout the afternoon, garden BBQ to savour your creations and our classic fresh mint mojito all in the heart of the kitchen garden.

2pm - 6pm 
Sunday 9th May 2021
Saturday 26th June 2021
Saturday 7th August 2021
Sunday 5th September 2021 

£125 per person

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Campfire cooking - parent and child

Join us at our "Kitchen Camp Fire" to learn the perfect meatball dish. Parents, you will take the back seat (hurrah we hear you say!) whilst the little chefs learn how to make the full dish from scratch, around the campfire. Fun will be the main dish of the day and the "big" chef will guarantee an interactive learning experience too! Your little'ons will easily transfer their new found skills back to the kitchen at home, so you can get a night off every so often.

Italian "beefy" meatballs, rich garden tomato and basil sauce, fresh Orecchiette pasta and grilled flat bread is the menu of the day.

Class includes refreshments throughout the afternoon. Family dinner served in the kitchen garden with your newly found cooking buddies topped off with a Lainston Garden Mocktail for the thirsty workers and something a little stronger for the chief tasters (that's you parents!).

9.30am - 1.30pm
Thursday 8th April 2021
Thursday 15th April 2021
Thursday 3rd June 2021
Sunday 20th June 2021 (Father's day)
Thursday 5th August 2021
Thursday 19th August 2021

£95 for one adult and one child

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