Full Day Classes

Our full day class include refreshments throughout the day, ingredients, equipment, a meal that you have prepared on the course and food to take home. You will also have a Season apron of your own to take home with you.

Our classes are currently limited to 6 people.

View our Full Day Classes Call to book 01962 797851 Call to book : 01962 797851

Full Day Classes

Example Timings (Full Day class times vary so please check the time of your class on the booking page, or your confirmation)

9:45am – 10am  Guests arrive. Welcome and a run through of health and safety

10am  Class starts

The morning is spent preparing some dishes that will be eaten for lunch
(lunch will be provided for courses without any savoury recipes)

1pm – Lunch*

1:45pm – The afternoon will be spent preparing the remaining dishes
(on some courses, there will be an opportunity to sit down to eat again)

4pm – Class ends*

*Please note, lunch and end time may vary depending on class size

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