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Ensuring your team eat well and get fresh air and exercise is not only essential for their physical and mental health, but it also makes great business sense. It'll enhance focus, mood and concentration, resulting in more than effective and happy employees who will achieve your business objectives and targets. 

To help you join the wellbeing movement and start seeing the results, you can pick one of our wellness upgrades for all meetings between January and March 2020.

New bookings only | Minimum 10 guests | Residential meetings only | Booking and upgrades subject to availability

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1) Upgrade your evening meal to a Networking Wellness dinner

A change of scenery to change the mindset. Enjoy a menu full of super foods that pack a punch on flavour, presented as sharing plates or light bowls to encourage conversation  and collaboration. 

2) Enhance your event with a Wellbeing Walk

Take your team outside with a one hour walk guided by Pied a Terre Adventures - re-energise and refocus. The different environment removes barriers and promotes an open-minded approach. 

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