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Having spent a few months working from home, business is getting together again. It is time to re-engage with your team, build motivation and focus on moving business forward.

We are looking forward to welcoming people back to Fanahms Hall and have not just been sat on our laurels for the last few months. We have been working hard to make sure everyone is safe and secure when they walk through our doors for conferencing and learning and development events.

We understand event hosts need the confidence to know our venue is doing all it can to promote safety. We have a number of initiatives in place to give that reassurance. Hygiene is imperative therefore we have instigated a new standard; we will undertake our high touch point cleaning program, an enhanced housekeeping regime prior to your arrival including use of a disinfectant fog; provide hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes, and we will endeavour that the room has not been used for at least 24 hours before your arrival.
We are also introducing ‘Build your own meeting’, the guided organisation of every element of the event. You choose the layouts, meeting room amenities, catering style, staffing levels. All the detail planned so we deliver the event that you want.

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Partnered with this is the ability to assign ‘bubbles’ or ‘pods’ of meeting and event space with bedrooms that have access limited to just your team and the service staff levels you are comfortable with.  How does this work? If you are a group 14 we could allocated all the bedrooms in the main house, limiting access to this area to your group only, plus housekeeping when you want them. We pair this with two function rooms – Hertford and Ware, using one for meeting and the other for breakfast, lunch and dinner creating a safe environment just for your team. Both of these rooms have private terraces so outside space is included too! If you need extra space for breakout rooms, they are available on the same corridor.   Greater numbers can make use of a whole floor of bedrooms in the Courtyard or partnered with the Great Hall and Wadesmill.  Smaller number could who want total seclusion could be allocated our Karaoke Klub!  Great for a meeting for 8 with built in fun in the evening – or maybe even lunchtime!  

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