Barbecue: £19 per person (minimum of 80% of your total evening guests)

8oz beef burger, floured bap

Tandoori spiced chicken breast

Cumberland sausage, caramelised onions

Vegetarian spicy bean burger and vegetarian sausages (v)

Plum tomato, red onion and cucumber salad (v)

Penne pasta, roasted vegetable and herb salad (V)

Caribbean coconut rice salad (V)

Mixed leafs, coleslaw salad (V)

pulled pork roast menu

Roasted Hertfordshire pulled pork

With floured baps, sage and onion stuffing and home-made apple sauce

Vegetarian Spicy Bean Burger (V)
Vegetarian Sausages

Supplement salads: £3.50 per person

New potato (V)

Coleslaw (V)

Tomato, spring onion and fresh mint (V)

late bite munchies: £11 per person (minimum of 80 guests)

bacon rolls
sausage baps
potato wedges (V)