Carrot and Ginger Soup

Coriander Oil, Yoghurt (V)

Salmon Caesar Salad
Lobster Risotto

Crayfish Tails, Orange, Basil, Samphire

Smoked Duck Breast

Duck Pate, Compressed Watermelon, Charred Asparagus, Granola

Chicken and Basil Boudin

Roasted Garlic Pannacotta, Sunblush Cherry Tomatoes, Wasabi Cracker

King Prawn Sesame Crumpet

Sweet Chilli Asian Salad

Crispy Potato Rosti

Leek Fondue, Poached Hens Egg, Leek Oil, Onion Seeds

Confit Chicken and Ham Hock Terrine

Parsley Mayonnaise, Pickled Apple, Breadstick

Roasted Aubergine Puff Pastry Tart

Smoked Aubergine Puree, Glazed Feta cheese, Toasted Seeds, Coriander


Champagne, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Lime, Blood Orange

£3.00 Per Person

main courses

Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillet

Roasted Garlic and Mustard Potato, Spinach, Broad Bean, Tomato and Brown Shrimp
Butter Sauce

Butter Roasted Cauliflower Steak

Thyme Potato, Broccoli Puree, Heritage Carrot, Braised Leek,
Mustard and Tarragon Cream (V)

Soy, Sesame and Honey Glazed Duck Breast

Carrot and Orange Puree, Bok Choi, Pickled Khol Rabi, Warm Rice Cake, Anise Jus

Roasted Mullet Supreme

Sweet Potato and Onion Bhaji, Charred Cauliflower, Pea Hash, Curry Mayonnaise

Trio Lamb

(Grilled Cutlet, Minted Scrumpet, Lamb Sausage), Anna Potato, Pea Puree, Broad Beans, Asparagus, Jus

Butter Roasted Chicken Supreme

Crispy Fillet, Thyme Roasted Potato, Broccoli Puree, Braised Leek, Heritage Carrot, Chicken Jus

Roasted Scottish Sirloin Beef

Braised Short Rib, Fondant Potato, Tenderstem Broccoli, Carrot,
Wild Mushroom and Tomato Cream

Risotto Bianco

Courgette Pesto, Confit Yellow Courgette, Courgette Flower Fritter
Mustard Frills (V)

Assiette Pork

(Charred Medallion, Maple Glazed Rib, White Pudding, Slow Cooked Belly), Braised Potato, Apple and Fennel Puree, Carrot, Baby Leek, Jus


Lime and Raspberry Eton mess

Lime Meringue, Raspberry Sorbet, Raspberries, Gin Gel, Chantilly Cream, Baby Basil

Summer Berry Crumble

Oat and Syrup Crumble, Clotted Cream

Roasted Peach

Lavender Set Milk, Green Tea Custard, Caramelised Puff Pastry

Summer Pudding

Fresh Berries, Honey Ice Cream

Citrus Possett

Rose Jelly, White Chocolate Soil

Cooked Treacle

Passion Fruit Sorbet, Salted Shortbread, Orange Cream

Trio of Cheese

Stilton Shortbread, Cream Cheese Mousse, Cheddar, Apple Puree, Frozen Grapes

Lemon and Melon Jelly

Watermelon, Bee Pollen

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