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BEYOND event takeaways

Douglas Lamont, CEO at innocent

Douglas Lamont looks back at the BEYOND flock event with Jonny Wilkinson in November 2019, reviewing the key takeaways and how it can help support both businesses and individual mental health

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Transcending limits and exploring potential

Jonny Wilkinson

Here Jonny Wilkinson talks about the importance of mental health when exploring our potential in life

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Sustainable health for humankind…if not now, when?

Anni Hood, Chief Executive at Well Intelligence

Insight into the ‘new social contract’ that will redefine the relationship between government, business and society

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Be a business athlete

On your marks, learn how to be a 'business athlete'

In times of economic uncertainty and global complexity, what goes on in the boardroom should take inspiration from the sports field says Ed Chacksfield, Senior Consultant, Inspirational Development Group (IDG)

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Feet First

A guide to the business benefits of walking

Outdoor adventure company Pied a Terre Adventures provides a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air for conference attendees, explains its co-founder Richard Betts

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Value +dded

The secrets to running a successful event

From the latest technology to innovative ways to problem solve as a group, Nicky Whyman, Commercial Director with KDM reveals the secrets to running a successful event in 2019

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Ridgeview - A Family Affair

Winemaker Ridgeview's tips for high-performing teams

Like the Exclusive Collection, Ridgeview is a family-run business that provides a nurturing environment that enables high-performing teams

Ridgeview has been producing wines from its Sussex home for nearly a quarter of a century. It has always maintained a family-run ethos, ensuring everyone who works there is looked after and performs to the best of their ability. This is a view shared by the Exclusive Collection, which is also a family business, and forms one of its four pillars.

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