The whole point of a wedding cake is to of course eat it and enjoy the sugary sweetness. I often find that wedding cakes are so gorgeous and grand that it seems like a crime to cut into them. Luckily, we have photos to preserve their beauty long after someone enjoys the last slice.
By Sarah Fenton, Wedding Co-ordinatior, Fanhams Hall

From tiered wedding cakes to dessert tables there is something to suit every taste and budget.  Cakes have really taken off within the last few years and are now the centrepiece to most wedding evening receptions.  

Traditional and Tantalising

If you are looking for a traditional tiered wedding cake there is so many colours and decorations to make it unique.  From floral to foil designs there is no limits to how you can tailor make the cake to your personalities or wedding colour scheme. 

Fun and Quirky

Another way to impress your friends and family is to create a dessert table full of tasty treats.  This is perfect to be displayed during the evening reception.  Dessert tables really provide the wow factor and are also really easy for your guests to tuck into.  Simply pick up a cake pop or miniature cheese cake, it really is the perfect way to please all your guests! 

Vintage & Naked Cakes

If you are embracing a vintage barn style wedding the perfect wedding cake that has been very on trend with the last year is the naked cake!  Simple yet effective this cake can be dressed with fruit, flowers or a sprinkle of icing sugar to make it complete.

Don’t be afraid to venture out of the ordinary and have fun designing your wedding cake for your special day, they don’t always need to be a massive cost and there are simple ways to create a masterpiece without breaking the bank!


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