With 63 acres of Hampshire countryside at our disposal, we thought it was high time to offer our hotel guests something unique and truly spectacular! So we invite you to get up close and personal with our beautiful birds of prey including Ace, our Gyr/Saker Falcon and Eric, our fluffy owl. Not forgetting our resident Falconer, Judy!

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Falconry Experiences

This is the ultimate experience for an in depth insight into the world of falconry. You will spend more time with Judy, our Falconer and her birds of prey, flying, handling and interacting with our collection of raptors and owls. Arrive for breakfast at 9.30am in the Avenue Restaurant and be ready at 10.30am to be escorted to our wonderful kitchen garden in which our falconry is situated. Return to the house for light lunch and a glass of wine around 1pm and then return to the Aviary to complete your day.

Full Day: £150 per person with 4.5 hours falconry

Alternatively book for 2.5 hours falconry with lunch or afternoon tea.

Half day: £110 per person 2.5 hours falconry

Birds of Prey Walks

Join Judy and one of her birds around the beautiful 63 acre Lainston Estate. You will have the chance to see a magnificent bird flying in a natural setting and experience having the bird fly to your glove.

1 hour: £50 per person

Birds of Prey Handling Experience

This experience presents the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal handling some of our birds of prey. Meet our resident falconer, Judy and share in her love and knowledge of all things falconry. Don’t forget your camera as there will be ample photo opportunities.

45 mins: £25 per person

Flying Experience

Time spent with our birds of prey is quite unforgettable. In this 90 minute experience, you will meet, observe and see the individual characteristics of our birds of prey and the relationship that exists between the falconer and the birds. Your experience will include handling some of the birds and flying one of our birds of prey to the glove.

1.5 hours: £65 per person

Vulture Experience

An experience which involves Kevin, our striking Turkey vulture. You will have the chance to learn more about vultures while holding and having the opportunity to fly Kevin. A very unique experience.

1 hour: £50 per person

Bird of Prey Static Display

Add a unique element to a business meeting or to your special occasion. A selection of our magnificent birds of prey can be out on display, allowing your colleagues or party the opportunity to handle some of the birds and get up close, giving great opportunities for a photograph with a difference. This will be a group display of a selection of birds.

In addition an interactive flying display can be included, lasting 20 – 30 minutes which will also allow time for guest participation.

1 hour Static Display: £250 | Flying Display: £350

Photographic Experiences

Spend some time photographing our birds of prey in static and natural settings as well as capturing the bond that exists between the falconer and the birds during the practice of falconry. The individual photographic session will allow the falconer and photographer to work closer together to build a greater portfolio of shots, including the birds in flight.

3 hours photography: £75 | £35 per additional person

Special Moments

We also offer birds to help with your special moments, such as proposals and ring bearing. What better way to have your wedding rings delivered on your special day than with a beautiful bird flying down the aisle. An amazing experience and one you and your wedding guests will remember forever! 

£275 for ring delivery and attendance at your drinks reception. More packages are available. 

Create special memories with

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Fayres, Fetes, Events & Shows

If you’re looking to organise an event to remember, falconry is definitely a good starting point! Judy will be more than happy to help and with birds to entertain all, there will never be a dull moment.


Lainston Falconry can provide interactive talks for groups, clubs and meetings. A selection of birds will accompany the falconer and Judy will talk about many subjects including the history and art of falconry, all accompanied by presentations and practical handling. A selection of the birds can be held for photographs and Judy will be available to answer any questions. A static display of the birds can also provide alternative ‘models’ for photographic and art clubs.

School Visits

Judy will visit your school, bringing a selection of her feathered friends, introducing them to pupils with the opportunity to hold and learn some interesting facts about the birds. The birds are an ideal addition when teaching a range of subjects, from Medieval and Tudors to predators and prey.


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