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Real Life Weddings at Lainston House

How did you both meet and how did the proposal occur?

Jamie and I met at the end of February 2018, perhaps not so romantically over Tinder… neither of us using it in a serious way, or actually expecting to find anyone, but for some reason, something seemed to click. We met face to face in April 2018, making our way around the pubs of Winchester, a lunch date that somehow lasted the whole day! From that day on, we were inseparable!

We got engaged in August 2020. We had gone on a family trip to Dorset. The trip was in-between lockdowns so most restrictions had been temporarily lifted. The whole family was there, along with family friends. After a very heavy evening celebrating the temporary lack of restrictions, Jamie woke up very sprightly one morning and was very keen to go on an early morning walk to Durdle Door. I was less enthusiastic about this walk and felt that the best cure for our hangover would be a few more hours in bed. Reluctantly, I pulled on my tracksuit bottoms, trainers and scraped my hair back into a messy bun. Jamie asked if I maybe wanted to put some make up on, or dress up a little, but soon realised that was a dangerous question to be asking considering my fragile state.

After lots of complaints, from both of us in the end, about how long the walk to Durdle Door actually was, we finally reached the top. Jamie suggested we started to head down to the beach to take a closer look at the arch. As we headed down the steps, I stopped to take a photo of the view, when I turned back around, Jamie was down on one knee with the ring. All of his panic and planning in the morning finally made sense. I continued to ask over and over if he was sure and the rest is history!

The moment was completely perfect. Chaotic… not quite to plan… but perfect.

What did you love most about Lainston House?

We wanted something that was all in one place. Somewhere we could settle in for the day and not have to travel in-between venues. Lainston was local to us, only 10 minute drive away from the beautiful city of Winchester where we had our first date. We used to drive past Lainston all the time and would joke that we would get married there one day. It was the perfect representation of Jamie and I. The barn for me, a girl who grew up in the countryside and spent most of her days on farms or stable yards, and the manor house for Jamie, a city boy who loves to learn about any history that may be there.

Did you have a theme or a particular style for your day?

We never discussed a particular theme or style but as the planning started coming together we realised we wanted everything very muted and relaxed, let the day speak for itself!

Tell us all about THE dress…..

The dress was found at Anya Bridal Couture. It was a Pronovias dress called Alauda. A wedding dress in crepe with mermaid cut, bateau neckline and tattoo-effect back. It was not what I had imagined myself getting married in at all, but there was something about it that I just loved and knew Jamie would love too. As many agreed, it was just very, ‘me’.

What do you remember most about the day itself?

We can’t stop thinking about just how happy everyone was. The staff made everything so easy, we didn’t have to worry about anything from start to finish. The drinks reception in particular was great! We were so lucky with a beautiful sunny day so we got to enjoy the lawn in all its glory. It was the perfect place for everyone to relax, mingle and have photos taken.

Were there any special moments or surprises?

During the planning, like all things that need to be planned, there were many ups and downs. Planning a wedding is stressful, regardless of whether you have the best team in the world behind you like we did.

Then one month before the wedding, we got the best surprise in the world. We were expecting our first baby! All of the stress just seemed to melt away and we realised that in hindsight, the tiny, tiny details didn’t matter, everyone would be there to celebrate, now two, happy occasions!

Now we always have the memory that our baby was with us on the day we got married.

What tips or advice would you give to future couples?

Go into everything with an open mind. You can budget everything to the last penny…and you will still go over. You can plan every second of the day… and a minor detail will still go wrong.

But guess what? No one will notice and no one will care, so don’t let any of it phase you. You will still have the perfect day without the more expensive centrepieces, you will still be married to your best friend by the end of it regardless of whether you remembered to get wedding favours or not.

Everyone will have the best day regardless of any of your stresses in the lead up to the wedding because they are all there to celebrate you!


We can’t thank Lainston House and the team enough for giving us the most incredible wedding we could’ve hoped for.

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