New Year's at Pennyhill Park

At Pennyhill Park, New Year's Eve is all about unwinding and savoring every moment of this special occasion. You have the delightful choice of two fantastic dining options, Hillfield or Latymer, each offering a unique experience. 

As you arrive at Pennyhill Park, you'll be warmly welcomed and seamlessly checked into your room. Before embarking on your New Year's Eve adventure, consider starting with a wholesome winter walk around the stunning grounds. You might also choose to treat yourself to a delightful afternoon tea upon arrival, setting the tone for a day of luxury and relaxation.

Next, make your way to the spa, where a world of tranquility and rejuvenation awaits. Take a leisurely swim in the ballroom pool, where underwater classical music sets the stage for the ultimate relaxation moment. You can further enhance your spa experience by adding a rejuvenating treatment, ensuring you feel your best as you usher into the New Year.

For those inclined to start the new year with a burst of energy, the state-of-the-art gym is at your disposal, offering a range of fitness options to suit your preferences.

After your unforgettable dining experience at either Hyper-local casual dining restaurant Hillfield or Fine Dining Michelin Star Latymer, you'll have the opportunity to decide how you'd like to spend the remainder of your evening. 

When the clock strikes midnight, you'll find yourself in the perfect spot to ring in the New Year with comfort and style. At Pennyhill Park, the focus is on creating a laid-back yet memorable night, ensuring your New Year's Eve is an experience you'll treasure for years to come. So why not join us for a quiet yet fantastic New Year's Eve?


Silent nights New Year's

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