Suites & Rooms

All our luxury suites, junior suites and bedrooms are individually designed and styled. No two are the same, but all are of 5 star quality! Charm and elegance are constant throughout the variety of traditional, contemporary and unique themes.


Relaxing Rooms

Our gorgeous suites and rooms each have oversized beds and deliciously comfortable handmade mattresses dressed with the finest Egyptian cotton. Distinguishing characteristics include; double height bedrooms with mezzanine floors, separate lounges with oodles of space, hopelessly romantic ornate four-poster hand-carved beds and wrought iron bed frames hand-painted in Italy.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Our bathrooms are simply stunning, equally as distinctive with acres of Italian marble, terracotta or mosaic tiling. Heated floors are in abundance and robes and towels are piled high. Features are abound here too, double rain bar showers, steam showers, clawed foot roll tops, two Victorian style baths with a central champagne bucket perfect for sharing or even a bubbly hot tub... ...all set the seductive scene.

Pillow Menu

We want you to have the perfect night's rest, so choose the pillow perfect for you...

Which to choose?

We offer a wide range of Suites, Junior Suites and bedrooms to ensure we match personal preferences, desires, needs and specifications. The Suites offer the most space together with utterly unique special features. Junior Suites have their own restful seating areas, are beautifully appointed and ooze comfort. The bedrooms are well designed spacious and full of character. All offer amenities you expect from a world-class 5 star hotel. 

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