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"The Exclusive Chefs' Academy develops the talented and passionate chefs of the future. Within our centre of excellence, our inspirational programme will elevate the best to become the exceptional."

The Programme

The Exclusive Chefs' Academy programme requires a great deal of commitment from all those involved. Should you be successful in securing a place, it is vitally important to note that it is not a programme to be taken lightly, though it is certainly one that you will find extremely rewarding. As Exclusive Collection is making a considerable investment into your personal development, and whilst there is no fee required from you to join the programme, we do ask you to make a full commitment to us in return that you will complete the two year programme. Before answering the questions contained in the application form, please read and complete the ‘Promissory Agreement’ and ‘Your Commitment’ sections below:

Promissory Agreement

If you resign or are dismissed for misconduct within a certain period of time during the course or after completing the programme, we will make a deduction from your final salary as follows:

0 – 6 months of starting: £500 | 6 months of starting – completion: £1000 | Within 6 months of completion: £1000 | Between 6 – 12 months after completion: £500 12 months + after completion: No repayment

Please note that should you be successful in securing a place on this programme, you will be required to sign an agreement for our records.

Course dates – 20th July 2020 – 30th June 2022

I am able to attend all of the required modules and dates

Please answer all of the following questions as fully as possible

Thank you for your interest in the Exclusive Chef's Academy

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