Why we do it - To create happiness in amazing places

We're going to spend time on our own happiness, because happy people make people happy.
We're going to break rules to make better ones and reinvent what we do, to make sure we stand out from our competitors and get noticed. We're going to make sure we're really different and fresh.
We're going to make sure Exclusive is a really happy place to be, by exceeding our own and our guests' expectations. Gone are the days when 'not getting it wrong' is good enough.

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What makes us tick

You’ll have a job convincing us you need a suit made of gold thread or a hat that lights up, but we’ll listen to any ideas that you think will make us happier

Building what we need to create happiness

If Karl Benz hadn’t looked at things differently, we’d still be coming to work on a horse

Challenge the status quo

The difference between good and great is attention to detayl

Unlike when we were young and we blamed everything on our sister, brother or cousin, let’s share what goes well and what we could do better.

We’re a team and we depend on each other

But don’t give away plates and cutlery and don’t give the hotel to anyone.

Be Generous

Bring your personality to work. Your passion, creativity and ideas. Robots need not apply.

Character is part of our service

How it gets delivered

What bits of the rule book are we going to tear up and do better?

Our Standards

Our greatest asset is you! Happy people make people happy.

Human Touch

Instagram Moments - When our guests do our marketing for us.

Amazing Features

Cultivating a style and language that is particular to us.

Great Style

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