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We have officially become a B Corp!

We're delighted to announce that Exclusive Collection has joined a community of like minded businesses and leaders in a global movement of using business as a force for good.

Selecting sustainable suppliers for products and services

What are Certified B Corporations® (B Corps™)?

Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies that use the power of
business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet
the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance,
transparency, and accountability. To date, there are over 4,000
B Corps in 153 industries and 77 countries around the world.

About B Corp

Creating meal boxes for OLIO from leftover food

How do you become a B Corp?

The Certification process uses credible, comprehensive, transparent,
and independent standards of social and environmental performance.

The B Corp assessment process measures a company’s performance
in five categories: governance, workers, customers, community, and
the environment.

It is one of the only certifications that is not for a product or service,
but for the whole business behind the product or service.

Our B Corp Page

Providing the means for sustainable travel

Why does it matter?

B Corp Certification is a highly selective status. Companies must
document their positive impact to qualify and undergo verification every three years to maintain their Certification.

It helps consumers identify companies with a mission, and helps investors select investments that align with their values.

We are conducting an annual review of our impact on people and the planet to ensure we are constantly making progress as a responsible business. Take a look at our Impact Statement for 2021 below.

Impact Statement

The update

Below is our interim Impact Statement outlining our progress to date, helping keep us focused on the objectives and the path of improvement.  

April 2023 update

Growing our own produce, from seeds to stars of our dishes

Want to get involved?

The B Impact Assessment tool is a free and confidential tool to measure your social and environmental impact. It's a great way to see where you are at, how you measure up against other companies and get some best practice insights in how you can start shifting the needle in your company.

Impact Assessment