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It’s infinite accessibility combined with the flexible meeting rooms, Energy Zone, grounds and facilities, means that the Royal Berkshire is a popular choice for hosting highly effective learning and development programmes. Whether you need to deliver mandatory training to your employees, a series of regular training sessions for your rising stars or high level management workshops, we have everything to effortlessly match your requirements… including a reserved parking space for the trainer!

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mix and match your space

With a mix of 11 modern and more traditional meeting and function rooms, you can choose your main meeting space for the duration of your time with us and add as many syndicate rooms and breakout rooms as you need… even outside on the terraces when the sun shines.


time for a break in the energy zone

The Energy Zone is at the heart of meeting facilities the Royal Berkshire and as well as providing refreshments and fun, there’s also an excellent workbench with plenty of laptop points and plugs - just as long as the retro computer games are not too distracting!

a little networking over dinner?

And if you would all like to sit together on one large table for dinner, we can easily organise this for you in one of our private dining rooms - the perfect opportunity for your delegates to network and interact with one another.

Feeling competitive?

If you’re staying with us for several nights, we’re full of ideas for creating a different activity each evening to challenge, entertain and keep your delegates fully engaged.

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Discreetly on hand

We assign a member of staff to meet and greet you each morning and look after your every need throughout the day before handing over to Royal Berkshire colleague to be on hand during your evening dining and activities. We pride ourselves on the speed of response to your needs and requests.


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