Add a little extra...

To make your big day truly unique, why not take a look at a few of our little extra to add to your special day.

Venue and Styling

Red coat toastmaster* - £325

*To be booked direct with supplier

Sweet Treats

Doughnut wall* - £12 per gin (no minimum spend)
Ice-cream and slush from our horse box - £375 unlimited ice-cream, 5 flavours (max 100 people for 2 hours) 
Chocolate dipped strawberries - £3 per person (minimum 60) 
Popcorn from our horse box - £2 per box, sweet or salty | £3 per box premium flavour (minimum 60)

More Drinks?

Gin Bar - £12 per gin (no minimum spend)
Doughnut Wall - £150 (based on 200 doughnuts)
Pimp your Prosecco - £70 (based on 90 guests)
Bucket of Beer - £5.50 per bottle 
Cocktail Station - £14.50 per cocktail
Rum Bar - £10 per rum (no minimum spend)
Beer Keg - price on request 

Extra Bites

Extra canapés (cost per canapé)
Wentworth and Berkshire £3

Cheese plate £11.50
Marlborough, Wentworth and Berkshire £11.50

Sorbet/Amuse bouche £3.50
Marlborough, Wentworth and Berkshire £3.50

Ridgeview English sparkling wine (per glass)
Marlborough, Wentworth and Berkshire £3.25

Taittinger toast drink upgrade (per glass)
Marlborough and Wentworth £3

Taittinger Rosé toast drink upgrade (per glass)
Marlborough and Wentworth £5
Berkshire £3

Still and sparkling bottled water (per bottle)
Marlborough, Wentworth and Berkshire £5

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