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Savoury bites

Cerignola green olives (vg) (gf) £3.5

Bloody Mary spiced chips (vg) (gf) £4.5

Gwyn’s sourdough (v) £4
English butter

Rosemary focaccia (vg) £4
English rapeseed oil and vinegar

Spiced grilled corn bread (v) (gf) £4
English rapeseed oil and vinegar

Savoury plates

Grilled asparagus (v) (gf) £10
Wild garlic and lemon salsa Verde, Sussex slipcote

Botanica jewelled salad (vg) (gf) £9
Butternut, roquito peppers, orange and cardamom dressing

Purple sprouting broccoli (vg) (gf) £9
Pumpkin seed tahini, hazelnut and cep crumble

Nutbourne tomatoes (v) (gf) £9
Romesco dressing, Medita, fresh horseradish

English coppa sarda (gf) £11
Red chicory, nettle pesto, grapefruit dressing

Kohlrabi and watercress arancini (vg) (gf) £9
Kohlrabi puree, sour apple crisps

Marinated bavette (gf) £23
Kale and horseradish gremolata, tardive radicchio

Grilled monkfish tail (gf) £16
Mojo and butterbean cassoulet, lemon yoghurt, dill dressing

Pomegranate and orange grilled sea bream (gf) £18
Mint and dill yoghurt, grapefruit fennel salad

Spinach and ricotta Gnudi (v) (gf) £18
Garlic and watercress dressing, Kalamata olive

Botanica ‘Wasted burger’ £17 (vg)
Bloody Mary chips, fallen tomato ketchup

Sharing plates

Roasted corn fed chicken breasts £45
Lemon and thyme confit legs, onion tart tatin, panache of summer bean, wild mushroom cream

Baked salmon fillet £45
Toasted fregola and broad beans, burnt orange gremolata, charred tender stem, rocket aioli

Whole spiced roasted cauliflower (vg) (gf) £25
Red onion, sultana and mung bean salad, tarragon and cumin tzatziki

Sweet plates

Yoghurt pannacotta (gf) £9
Honey cake, raspberry

Kent rhubarb crème brûlée (v) (gf) £9

White chocolate fondant (v) £10
Chichester strawberry salad
(Please allow at least 10 minutes for cooking)

Pump street chocolate mousse (v) (gf) £11
Mango gelato

Flower Marie cheese (v) £11.5
Fig and apple chutney, sourdough crackers