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18 individual golfing moments...

You know you’re in for a fabulous golfing experience when you stand on our dramatic first tee overlooking the waterfall. As you make your way around the course, you will experience dramatic drives into the valley below, nearly 80 troublesome bunkers, the odd water hazard and one of the prettiest finishing holes in golf. Built on a limestone base, the natural drainage of the golf course is truly superb – unless the cold, white stuff is covering the course, we’re open 365 days a year.

1 - Bailey

PAR 4 | 363 YARDS |  SI 9
This hole is set on the edge of the mott and bailey fortification. The opening drive needs to carry over a part of this. Once on the fairway, a short iron should remain to a narrow, yet deep, green that can prove difficult to hit. There is little space long and left, so be careful not to over club.

2 - Dipper Bridge

PAR 3 | 151 YARDS | SI 13
One of several holes that meander their way through the stunning Bybrook Valley. A scenic par 3 that requires a mid to low iron to seemingly generous target. However, looks can be deceptive! The green itself is undulating, so very seldom will you have an easy putt. Hitting the green is very important as the Bybrook is awaiting any stray tee shots. With Out of Bounds long and bunkers guarding the front and right, this is a truly great short hole.

3 - Hatch

PAR 5 | 600 YARDS | SI 1
The longest hole on the course and only reachable in two by the longest hitters. The hole itself is dead straight and played down a narrow avenue of trees. Accuracy is the key. Well placed fairway bunkers threaten your drive. Plenty of thought must be given to the second shot where a large fairway bunker on the right must be avoided. The green is protected by bunkers to the left and trees right. There is a ridge running through the middle, so hitting the correct level is critical.

4 - Dunstaville

PAR 3 | 220 YARDS | SI 7
A long and tricky Par 3. Between tee and green is a huge bunker and, to the right of the green, two more bunkers. The green itself, which is long and narrow, is set at an angle and slopes from right to left. The tee shot that finds the putting surface is a good one, but the sand wedge is more than likely going to be needed.

5 - Triangle

PAR 4 | 467 YARDS | SI 3
A stunning Par 4 that would challenge anyone. The hole doglegs to the right with bunkers on the right that only the very long way wish to take on. With trees down the left, grassy hollows strategically placed, additional bunkers, a lake on the right and an extremely narrow green, anyone making par here has performed admirably! Beware – when playing the 5th any ball coming to rest on or beyond the 6th is Out of Bounds!


6 - Lake

PAR 5 | 507 YARDS | SI 15
This mid length Par 5 doglegs to the left. The tee shot is played over water, but the mound on the corner can hamper access to the green, which is long and narrow. The large oak tree and the hollow to the right provide protection for the green. A definite birdie opportunity.

7 - Mackenzie

PAR 5 | 549 YARDS | SI 5
If the previous 6 holes tested your accuracy off the tee, then this hole will definitely make you think! The hole doglegs to the left with a drive that must negotiate the avenue of trees. The green can be reached in 2 by the long hitters, but the smart play is a lay up leaving a wedge to the green. This hole will certainly reward players who shape the ball, but beware – the lake on the left is Out of Bounds!

8 - Stepping Stones

PAR 4 | 309 YARDS | SI 17
A stunning hole falling back down the valley. The green is certainly reachable from the tee, but will require both distance and accuracy to hit the target. Danger runs up the left side in the form of the Bybrook – beware as in and over the River Bybrook is ‘Out of Bounds’ when playing this hole. A definite birdie chance.

9 - Castle

PAR 3 | 183 YARDS | SI 11
A testing Par 3 not only because of its length but also due to a raised green that has three levels and is extremely narrow. Avoid the deep bunker at the front of the green.

10 - Old Plantation

PAR 4 | 378 YARDS | SI 14
Hitting the fairway is paramount due to the mounding on the both sides. The ideal tee shot is one that is drawn, hugging the left side. The green is well guarded with bunkers left and mounds on the right. Beware – Out of Bounds is on the driving range to the left defined beyond the staked trees!

11 - School

PAR 3 | 222 YARDS | SI 6
This is seriously challenging Par 3, especially from the back tee. Although downhill, the hole still plays long, as it is normally into the prevailing wind. With Out of Bounds left, trees right and a green well protected by bunkers, a par once again is a very good score.

12 - Doolittle

PAR 5 | 498 YARDS | SI 2
One of the most visually stunning Par 5’s you are likely to see. The hole doglegs across a valley, with heavy rough, the River Bybrook, the lake and bunkers to negotiate before you reach the green. Take a fairway wood of long iron off the tee to ensure playing your second from the short grass. The green can be reached in two but it requires a long shot. The green undulates and hardly has a straight putt. The best of luck!

13 - Broadmead Brook

PAR 4 | 289 YARDS | SI 8
Despite its length this hole plays extremely tough. The tee shot is narrow so a long iron can be used for accuracy, but a driver would enable you to get closer to the green. Again, hitting the fairway is important to give an even stance for your second, but bear in mind that if you can make the carry there may actually be more room to the right than you think. Level par through here and you have done very well!

14 - Nettleton

PAR 4 | 332 YARDS | SI 16
Perhaps a bit of respite! The hole doglegs very slightly to the right. Although not a long hole, the fairway is narrow and requires a straight tee shot. Avoid the bunkers and the mounds to leave an approach that gives you a chance of making 3. Anything short will end up in one of the greenside bunkers.

15 - Fosseway

PAR 5 | 492 YARDS | SI 12
A par 5 from the black, white and red tees that will test accuracy off the tee, your long game for your second and probably your short game for your third! The fairway is wide, but from the tee it looks intimidating with the trees left and right. Your second requires a carry across two huge bunkers to get on, so a lay up is often the wiser choice. The green is long and has further protection with bunkers right and a grassy hollow left.

16 - Gatcombe

PAR 4 | 402 YARDS | SI 4
A tight Par 4 that doglegs to the right. Take care over your club selection on the tee as the fairway is very narrow. The bunker and trees on the left are to be avoided. A blocked drive behind the trees on the right will definitely prevent access to the putting surface. The approach to the triangular shaped green tests your accuracy. Missing the green will leave a difficult up and down from sand traps of grassy bunkers.

17 - Burton Brook

PAR 3 | 154 YARDS | SI 18
A simply breathtaking hole! The hole drops down 120 feet to two greens which give variation – and both play differently. The right green has the River Bybrook protecting the left side and the front. The left green undulates and has bunkers and water at the back to pick up misguided shots. Club selection and judgement of distance are vital to hit the greens, but please use the Drop Zones if you find the River Bybrook.

18 - Woodbury

PAR 4 | 384 YARDS | SI 10
A classic finishing hole. Often described as the prettiest finishing hole in England! The drive is narrow with trouble left and right. Aim at the large tree and fade or draw to the fairway. The right side offers safety, but the left gives a more direct approach to the green. A four here will definitely hit the spot.