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Golf Membership

We have a number of membership options to suit you - whether you are looking for a joint membership, a junior membership or would like to have The Manor House Golf Club as your second golf club for occasional play. All our membership pricing is below, if you have any queries, please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss membership with you.

Call us 01249 475850 Call us: 01249 475850

union fees

All men and women are required to pay union fees of £20.58


Membership for adults aged 35 years and over.

Seven Day Single

Annual: £1,920
Joining fee: £500

Five Day Single

Annual: £1,395
Joining fee: £500


Seven Day Joint

Annual: £3,000
Joining fee: £750

Five Day Joint

Annual: £2,190
Joining fee: £750

Junior and Associate

Membership for children through to young adults aged up to 34 years.

Junior up to 18yrs

Annual: £300

Associate 19-23yrs

Annual: £750
Joining fee: £350

Senior Associate 24-30yrs

Annual: £990
Joining fee: £350

Senior Associate 31-34yrs

Annual: £1,200
Joining fee: £350

Country and International

Country Membership - membership for those who live more than 1 hour away and are a member of another golf club. Members are limited to play a maximum of 24 rounds per year.

International Membership - membership for those who reside outside the UK for at least six months of the year.


Annual: £690

International Single

Annual: £1,095
Levy: £350

International Joint

Annual: £1,695
Levy: £500