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Stargazing in the Cotswolds

We're blessed with being out in the country and not as affected by light pollution, so you really can see the stars!

At the end of your night after a delicious dinner and drinks, head to the bar for your favourite warming tipple - perhaps a Hot Toddy or a Drambuie Mule, then grab a couple of blankets from reception before heading out to one of our deck chairs, away from the lights of the hotel. 

Sit back, relax and tilt your head up to the stars to see the wonders of the universe, passing satellites and perhaps a shooting star or two! It's a truly magical way to end your evening here at The Manor House.

p.s. Don't forget to pick up one of the guide to the night sky books at reception, so you can work out what you're looking at - a planet or your very own horoscope constellation might be passing overhead!

Stargazing at The Manor House

  • Grab a blanket from reception
  • Warming drink from the bar
  • Wellies if you need them
  • Then it's time to see the stars!

We can't guarantee good weather

But we'll do our best to wish for a clear night when you visit!