As part of the Barony of Combe, The Manor House was very much the heart of the breathtaking medieval village of Castle Combe. As one of the finest country house hotels in Wiltshire, we're proud of our hotel's historical significance.

The Hotel


Originally built in the 14th century to replace a Norman Castle that had fallen into a state beyond repair, The Manor House had many Lords of the Manor. The most influential of which, is believed to be Sir John Falstaff who was immortalised by Shakespeare in Henry IV. The Barony of Combe continued for some 850 years until 1947 when The Manor House was sold and has sympathetically evolved to become a beautiful hotel, capturing the essence of it’s historical charm.

Time stands still in Castle Combe

For 500 years, the village dating back to the 15th century, remains unchanged. Full of golden Cotswold Stone and complete with Manor, Market, Constable, Court, Church, Inns and Tradesman. It more than qualifies for it’s ‘prettiest village in England’ award justifying it's appearances on countless calendars, chocolate-box lids and jig-saw puzzles. There have been more visitors to it, more photographs taken of it and more words written about it than any other village in the county so take a step back in time and witness the unspoilt beauty of cobbled streets and chocolate box cottages.

There's no time like the present

The Manor House itself lays in the valley surrounded by 365 acres of woodland, parkland, gardens and the Bybrook river. The gardens feature formal Italian Gardens with intriguing buildings and sculptures, a rare heritage orchard within the beautiful walled garden with panoramic views over the village, the herbaceous and display borders edged by box and yew hedging and productive vegetable garden now supplying fresh organic produce to the award winning restaurant. The natural woodland surrounding the hotel is home to many species of wildlife, flora and fauna that abound the estate. The golf course which is covered with limestone grassland, perfect for over 100 species of wild flowers and grasses including early purple orchids, cowslips, and rare butterflies. The site is also a favourite location for many film companies. Robin Hood, Dr Dolittle, Stardust, Wolfman and most recently War Horse were filmed here.

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