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Health and Wellness

The Spa is also home to some fantastic health and wellness experts.

So Osteopathy, Stewart Challis, and Inspire Nutrition join us for weekly clinics and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the spa to share with our members, guests and local community.

So Osteopathy

Offering medicinal treatments to our already extensive menu, we are pleased to welcome a Marco from So Osteopathy to the spa. So Osteopathy's aim is to provide bespoke effective treatment to suit your needs along with education in self-management to help you maintain or achieve your health goals.

Osteopathy is a system of assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of health problems. Osteopaths are regulated health professionals, who have completed a minimum of a 4 year degree. The study focuses on anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology , general medical screening and osteopathic techniques.

Marco graduated from the European School of Osteopathy achieving an Integrated Master’s degree in Osteopathy. Marco also has qualifications in dry needling which is used in conjunction with a vast array of osteopathic techniques for treatment of various injuries where he can help people regardless of age or lifestyle.

Marco is particularly interested in paediatric osteopathy and sports injuries as he has a background in both badminton and martial arts. Marco is also part of the Premier league pitch side medical team at Chelsea FC and Brentford FC.

Visit So Osteopathy via the link below to book your consultation.


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Sports Therapy with Stewart Challis

Since 2018 Stewart has been utilising his skills as a sports massage therapist for many elite athletes across a wide variety of sports, whilst also supporting fitness professionals & residents of the local area to continue to move freely and steer clear of injury.

Combining knowledge gained during his degree in sport science from Brunel University, and experience of coaching and treating elite level performers, Stewart understands the abilities of the human body and will endeavour to treat and provide solutions for any movement issues that you may have through utilising many techniques such as, Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Neuromuscular Trigger points, Muscle Energy Technique alongside many more.

Whether your goal is to be pain free, improve performance or have consistency in training and life, Stewart wants to help. Sports massage therapy is widely used in sport and exercise by individuals looking to decrease pain, increase mobility, improve recovery and reduce injury risk. Stewart also specialises in performance speed coaching. Speed is an integral part of many sports and, for many players, the option of having a professional speed coach guide their development is a game changer.

30mins l £65
60mins l £115
90mins l £155

Contact Stewart directly to make an appointment stewart@pinnacleperf.co.uk