BYONIK Pulse Triggered Laser Facial

At some point, our skin can no longer hide the effects of the passing years, of stress and environmental damage, because as we age the cell processes which are responsible for keeping our skin looking young start to slow down. This is a natural process which affects us all.

Counteract this process – with the help of a skin-rejuvenation treatment using BYONIK.

During the treatment the BYONIK pulse-triggered laser adapts its frequency to your pulse so that with every beat of the heart it releases its laser energy into the skin allowing the antioxidants in the hyaluronic acid gel to directly enter the cells of the skin to increase volume and making contours become more defined. Combined with detoxifying the elastin in the skin to allow it to move more freely giving improved elasticity that results in a bio-lifting affect visible in tighter looking skin.

By working with the skin cell function the BYONIK is the only laser treatment that will not harm the skin’s DNA to achieve results.

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BYONIK Bespoke Facial

Each BYONIK facial is individually customised to counteract any specific skin concern discussed with your therapist during your consultation.  This includes adjusting the specific peptides and hyaluronic acids applied during the facial in combination with the level and duration of the laser treatment.

45 minutes | £220


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