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Retox Facials with Massage

Divine Duo

The perfect massage and facial treatment duo. Begin your therapy with an aromatic muscle relaxing back massage. As the second part of your therapy gets underway, surrender to the very best skincare recipes for a boosting facial. Your skin will be cleansed, polished and hydrated creating the perfect pick me up!

60 minutes | £100 (Mon - Thurs) | £110 (Fri - Sun) 

Recharge by Natura Bisse

Recharge your skin with the antioxidant benefits of pure vitamin C. This treatment is a true sensory therapy for the face and includes a pressure point massage for the back. Its delicious citrus fragrances and rich textures combine to create an unforgettable experience.

60 minutes | £110 (Mon - Thurs) | £120 (Fri - Sun)

Detox Facials with Massage

De-stress by Natura Bisse

A luxurious oxygen therapy for the face combined with a pressure point massage for the back. This treatment detoxifies and hydrates the skin whilst providing a complete sense of well-being. The perfect treatment for travellers, or those who live in the city.

60 minutes | £110 (Mon - Thurs) | £120 (Fri - Sun)

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