We have specialist therapists for all our holistic treatments. Booking in advance is highly recommended. Call us now to enquire about our current availability.

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Used in China as a method of wellbeing and relaxation for over 1,000 years, this Oriental massage focuses on points on the feet which relate to specific parts of the body to heal and rebalance energy levels.

60 minutes | £100 (Mon - Thurs) | £110 (Fri - Sun)


Literally meaning ‘universal life force energy’ this is the system for channelling energy to someone for the purpose of healing. It works by dissolving and eliminating toxic energy and substances, whether those substances are physical, emotional, mental or beyond. This helps to create a harmonious environment so that natural healing can take place.

60 minutes | £105 (Mon - Thurs) | £115 (Fri - Sun)

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