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Soak away tension starting with a serene aromatic foot soak, whilst your feet will be uplifted and smoothed with our nourishing foot scrub.
Then, one foot at a time your feet will be refreshed and grounded with a foot mask and a pressure relieving foot massage that will bring comfort to your entire body.

40 minutes £50 (Mon - Thurs) | £60 (Fri - Sun)


Enhance your spa visit with an experience in your very own private temple. We will introduce you to the ritual and then leave you to enjoy and indulge.
Begin by applying the facial mask to your face and neck, apply the hair mask to each other’s hair to restore and nourish. Smother the body scrub over your whole body and then apply the rich body mud all over your companion. Take a seat in your Rasul chamber, inhaling the delicate steam which is said to cleanse the respiratory system. The ritual ends with a warm tropical shower then complete your skin nourishment with an application of body lotion.

60 minutes £60 for two people (Mon - Thurs) | £80 for two people (Fri - Sun)

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