Real Life Weddings at Fanhams Hall

Read about Gary and Sarah's special day...

Tell us a little about how you met, the proposal...

We have been together for nine years! We went travelling for 14 months, before coming back and buying a house, shortly after moving in Gary proposed in the summer during a picnic in the park and then we decided to get married four months later! So very slow to get engaged but very quick to get married!! It was something that had been discussed for a long time! 

Why did you choose Fanhams Hall?

It was the first place we looked at and we loved it! We looked at a few other places but nothing compared! Symphonie made us feel like everything was completely under control and nothing was too much to ask. She also gave us loads of great ideas and thought of all the little things that we would have completely forgotten but made the day! It just seemed easy and that’s exactly what we were looking for. 

Did you have a wedding theme, what was it and why did you choose it?

We went for a nod to Christmas, (the wedding was two days before Christmas) but not full on! We had Christmas music during the meal, sparklers in the evening and crackers as our wedding favors. We had lanterns with candles and foliage and moss on the tables.

How did you find your outfit, accessories and/or shoes?

Gary went to a mainstream retailer as his best man lives in Devon so he could try it on close to where he lives! I went to a lot of different shops, but I loved Forever Bridal in Barnet. Everyone made me feel really comfortable and (a reoccurring theme) they were super organised and efficient. Due to the speed of the wedding, we needed organised people and we are not a couple that like to be in the limelight, so also people that didn’t make us feel embarrassed/ under pressure. 

What do you remember most about the day itself?

It was just so chilled!! We sat at the top table and the sun was setting and everyone was chatting and smiling and Micheal Bublé Christmas songs were on, it was perfect! We wanted a chilled, easy but fun day and that is exactly what we got.

Any moments from your wedding and the big day itself that made it personal?

Symphonie was great in the lead up to the wedding, so helpful and then on the day everything was just so organised. The whole team were super professional. Poppy, our photographer, also made it so special as did the band and our sister in law singing during the ceremony! We also had my brother in laws cousin doing all of our makeup and a family friend doing our hair! We focused on people that made us feel comfortable more than anything else as we are not centre of attention sort of people!  

What tips would you give to future couples starting to make their wedding plans?

As above, surround yourself with people that make you feel comfortable and also that are organised and communicate well!

Imagery courtesy of Poppy Carter Portraits