Outdoor adventure company Pied a Terre Adventures provides a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air for conference attendees

explains its co-founder Richard Betts

These days senior executives are under so much pressure and this is only set to increase in the global marketplace. They simply don’t have time to reconnect with themselves and this can lead to poor decision making, distraction and even staff absenteeism.

That’s why we decided to offer Pied A Terre Adventures at the Exclusive Collection’s destinations , where we run guided walks. That could be a short burst of an hour or so, or a half or a full day’s walking, all built in to a conference or events programme. Group sizes are kept small, typically 10-20 people. As well as a passion for the outdoors and experience in dealing with business leaders, on a practical level our qualified guides have public liability insurance and first aid training too.

A walk of this kind makes great use of these properties’ extensive grounds and the surrounding countryside, with the guide sharing his or her knowledge of the flora, fauna and geology. These are things we often desensitise ourselves from, but here you’re free from the distractions of the working world. We’ve worked with clients in the fields of law, leisure, retail and FMCG.

A walk allows time for people to mentally digest their own experiences, clear their minds and tackle challenges from new perspectives. It’s not just an opportunity for inward reflection, but also a time to talk to colleagues and peers in a relaxed environment away from the office.

When guests return from a walk, they will be refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of the conference or meeting. Or they can simply relax with a drink on the terrace. When executives spend at least 60% of their waking life at work, that reduces their ability to exercise and stay healthy. Our body is designed for movement and activity, not sitting at a desk or conference table for several hours a day. This experience provides a way for people to get moving in a stress-free, natural manner. A guided walk promotes two of the Exclusive Collection’s four pillars: wellness and sustainability. This isn’t a high-tech, high-impact event, it’s just simply walking, talking and reconnecting.”

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