Creating your fundraising page and team page

Each individual participant will need to have their own personal Justgiving account and fundraising page.

The teams need to decide if they are raising funds for one nominated team charity, or if each participant in the team can select their own chosen charity.
This is important and a requirement for when the team page is created by the Team Captain.


Create your personal fundraising page

Participants that don’t have an account/profile - Sign up and create your profile

Participants with a Justgiving account/profile - Log in

Once your account is created and logged in, select start fundraising and create a new fundraising page – select your team’s charity where prompted, or your own personal choice if this has been agreed. (this must be agreed as above before setting the pages up).

Select an event option – FLOCK isn’t listed as it isn’t a charity specific event or major event, just type in the name of the event here “ Flock – Go the Distance”  it doesn’t have to match exactly.

Joining a team

Your team captain will send you a link so you can join your team page, each member of the team will receive an email where they will have the option to “Connect Fundraising Page”

Your team page will show the total team amount raised, a summary of your individual raised amounts will also show on this page.

Team Captain

Create a fundraising page for yourself as above, selecting your team’s chosen charity – or if agreed, select the option to raise funds for any cause.

The team captain then needs to go to their fundraising page and then select “create a team” (This option is under the fundraising title)

A link will now appear on the page once your team has been created. You, as the captain then need to send the link to your other team members email addresses, to invite your team members to join your group team.

The other team members will receive an email to join your team.