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As the world has gone virtual – so must we. Flock, our community of senior business leaders, would usually be preparing for an in person event, however instead this time we are gearing up for a series of online events and activities all about ENDURANCE.  A theme that has resonated with us all for the last year and will continue to do so in this one.

Go the Distance

This event is in two parts – content events streamed online with key note speakers and Q&A panels matched with a challenging virtual cycle up Mount Everest.

The event will run over 14 weeks from 4th February to 6th May

Online Events:

Key note speakers including Nick Hollis, Adventurer and Kenton Cool, Everest Expedition leader, will talk about their experiences and how to apply personal endurance techniques to business.

With topics such as: What is endurance and what defines our limits? Are we predisposed to over-ride the instinct to stop or can ‘going long’ be learned? Marginal gains, Building the right team with shared goals, Visualisation and getting over the line.

Four events will be hosted, one each month.


The Challenge

You and your team of four to six will be Everesting. This is a cycling climb of 29,029 feet, the height of Mount Everest! A true test of endurance. 

But don’t panic, with the help of your team mates and our structured training plan, together with the fantastic advice and learnings from our key note speakers - you will make it! Remember it’s a team effort – you are not doing it on your own.

A 12 week training plan will be created with a weekly whole team training session hosted on Zwift.

You will need a bike, a turbo and a Zwift account

For Charity

Your goal is not only to get fitter, stronger and build endurance skills physically and mentally, but to also raise money for charity.

Each team can choose their own preferred cause.

Danny and his team will be raising funds on behalf of Hospitality Action.

How to...