Get on your bike

Every Wednesday at 19.00 there will be a group online cycle. The purpose is to bring everyone from Flock together as a community; to train and to get stronger so we are ready to vEverest in May.
All Wednesday rides will be set up as an ‘everyone together’ event. This means, regardless of ability, participants will be grouped whatever your power output.
Wednesday’s group ride will be 1-hour long and you can carry on cycling on Zwift when the session is finished. You will notice though, once the organised 60 minutes is up, you will disperse onto the course at your own power output.
Each week you will automatically receive an invitation via Zwift for the ride, you do not need to worry about finding the routes or the ride as it will appear in Zwift Companion. If you haven’t already downloaded Zwift Companion, please do and also ensure that you have added GTD after your surname.
As the weeks progress, so too will the ride difficulty. Your charity challenge is to cycle the height of Everest meaning you will need to be in the saddle for some time. We will start adding hills into the sessions, please make sure you have a bottle or two of water by your bikes and as we are approaching warmer weather you may need a fan too.
All rides are optional meaning you can jump on Zwift in your own time or you can add another session with your team.
On Wednesday evenings, please jump on to Zwift 5 minutes before the start time of the ride. Accept that you are joining, and you will see all friends of Flock at the side of the road. At 19.00 – we will automatically start moving en masse.

Flick through


10th - Week 1 - London - Greater London Flat

17th - Week 2 - Yorkshire - Tour of Tewit Well

24th - Week 3 - France - Douce France


3rd - Week 4 - Watopia - Volcano Climb

10th - Week 5 - London - Surrey Hills

17th - Week 6 - New York - Kickerbocker Reverse

24th - Week 7 - Watopia - Out and Back

31th - Week 8 - Innsbruck - Lutscher CCW


7th - Week 9 - Watopia - The Pretzel     

14th - Week 10 - France - Ven-Top

21st - Week 11 - London - Triple Loops

28th - Week 12 - Watopia - Sand and Sequoias

Additional sessions

Building strength on the bike builds speed. 

On alternate Sunday mornings, there will be longer rides set up as a group. Again, these are not compulsory, but they are good to build your strength.

As a team you may also want to add in your own sessions too and these can be set up on the Companion App. 

Feb 21st - 1.5 hours
March 7th - 1.5 hours
March 21st - 2.0 hours
April 4th - 2.5 hours
April 18th - 2.5 hours

How can I track my progress?


A good indication of your bike fitness is an FTP Test. This will highlight your power output and you should see this increase after 6 weeks.

To take an FTP test, be ready as it’s a hard push. You will need water and to be in the mindset to cycles as hard as you can. 

To carry out an FTP Test:

From the Home screen – hit the TRAINING button (top right)

On WORKOUTS you will see FTP Tests

The 45-minute test will give you a good indication of your fitness level and its worth re-doing the FTP in 4-6 weeks to see your progress.   

If you want to be first up Everest, you may want to consider one of Zwift’s pre-loaded PLANS.  The PLANS can be accessed through the TRAINING section and you could supplement your group ride with one of these.    

If you have any questions about Zwift, please let Andrew know on 07712 192003