Christmas might come but once a year ...

...but plan your event well with the help of  creative and experienced partners, and you could reap the rewards all year round.

While the stereotype of the office Christmas party usually involves a lot of alcohol and hazy memories, enlightened employers are using the opportunity to motivate and reward their staff. The effects can last way beyond the festive period.

A Christmas party consisting of drinks, dinner and the chance for a dance afterwards may be the traditional format, but your staff might appreciate something different this year. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not ask them what they’d like to do? A social committee made up of people from various parts of the business is a way to ensure the positive news about the annual Christmas bash cascades throughout the business.


Before bringing out the egg nogs, snowballs or even a special champagne tasting session, bosses could use the opportunity of everyone gathered together to reflect on the hard work and achievements of their teams over the year. Perhaps employees might not be in the mood for an elaborate, lengthy speech at their Christmas party, but an awards ceremony or recognising teams and individual’s effort, particularly for departments that aren’t always in the spotlight, might help raise staff morale. It might also encourage different departments to communicate as they share the limelight.

A typical workforce these days is made up of people who might not all enjoy a traditional Christmas tipple for health or cultural reasons, so why not move the focus away from the consumption of alcohol? How about a private cinema screening of a classic Christmas movie so everyone can enjoy It’s A Wonderful Life or Home Alone together? Pennyhill Park has a screening room and many of the Exclusive Collection’s other properties have private rooms with large screens great for projecting on.


Another option would be your staff learning how to cook Christmas dinner or decorating a Christmas cake at SEASON Cookery School at Lainston House before tucking into turkey and all the trimmings. Bring out colleagues’ competitive streak with a Christmas quiz at the Castle Inn or for those in fine-voice, Fanhams Hall offers a Karaoke Christmas sing-a-long.


Christmas is a time to celebrate, so channel the positive energy of a well thought out party and it could reap dividends in terms of motivating your workforce well into the New Year.

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