Real Life Weddings at South Lodge

Hear from Holly & Marc and what made their special day perfect!

How did you both meet and how did the proposal occur?

We both met through a mutual friend a number of years ago (who had been attempting to set us up) we eventually started dating and the rest was history.

On our 8 year wedding anniversary I had organised to take our gorgeous dog for a doggy photo-shoot, where Marc went down on one knee and proposed, it was a very special moment and all caught on camera. Strom was a huge part of our lives and was our icebreaker when we first met. For this reason she had to be featured on the wedding cake!

What did you love most about South Lodge?

We had been to South Lodge a number of years ago and fell in love with the hotel, the beautiful grounds, the food and the friendly staff, so everything! You are transported to such a calming and special place which creates such wonderful memories as soon as you step foot. 

Did you have a theme or particular style for the day?

We weren’t too strict with our theme as we wanted to keep an open mind, therefore, we took a more relaxed feel and focused on a country theme.

Tell us all about the dress...

I wore a gorgeous Savin London dress, his designs are breath-taking and very unique (in my opinion). The dress had a subtle pattern on it with rose gold hibiscus flowers on the top layer and down the back of a gorgeous train. The detailing was across the whole of the dress with a bow that tied up at the back and fell to the floor to complete the looks. The inside of the dress followed this same pattern as shown on the outside, with a striking rose gold follow on from the dress.

What do you remember most about the day?

The amount of love and laughter which is reflected beautifully in our pictures, as well as the beautiful backdrop to this whole day both in the church and at South Lodge.

Were there any special moments or surprises during the planning and day?

The team were so helpful throughout the day and made our lives so much easier, a special thank you to Jamie as well. We didn’t give too much detail on how we would like the room lay out to take shape where we had our breakfast, however what the South Lodge team created was just wonderful and a lot of our guests commented on how brilliant it was. The staff were so attentive and supportive throughout the day as well which was great and they didn’t miss anything

The breakfast following the wedding was just perfect, it was something we really weren’t expecting and really took us by surprise. Seeing our flowers laid out and all of our wedding pieces collected up very carefully was just a lovely thing to wrap up the most amazing day. The design of the room and the support really took us by surprise.

What tips or advise would you give to future couples?

If you have enough time we found it very helpful to focus on different parts of the wedding singularly so that it was nice and easy to approach and not too overwhelming.

We really trusted all our fabulous suppliers and the venue so we would give them a top line description of what we were looking for and allowed them to be creative or share their ideas - they brought it to life and pushed it further.

Try to enjoy all of the steps as they can be so much fun, for instance we went wine tasting at Ridgeview vineyard as they are partnered with South Lodge and we had such a wonderful time in doing so.

Suppliers and products

Photographer - Murrey Clarke
Florist - The Flower Pocket
The all-important outfits - White Lace & Butterflies. Souster and Hicks