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Will & Lynn

Hear from Will & Lynn and what made their special day perfect!

How did you both meet and how did the proposal occur?

We met online! We didn’t have the chance to meet in person immediately, it took us about a month to actually get together, and within that time we were chatting constantly every day and really clicked! A year and a half later, Will proposed on one of our weekend park walks. I couldn’t hear him at first, I wasn’t sure I was hearing him right. I asked him ‘What?’ twice before it sunk in. It was surreal as I wasn’t expecting it and also one of the happiest moments I’d ever experienced.

What did you love most about South Lodge?

We both fell in love with South Lodge instantly. We had seen a few other wedding venues before visiting South Lodge, but as soon as we saw the venue, we knew straight away that South Lodge was perfect for us. It is so picturesque and we felt cared for immediately there. We loved everything from the team that looked after us, to the amazing food, and gorgeous scenery. The team is extremely professional, we followed their lead at the ceremony and because of that, our day was just perfect. Special shout out to Jamie who guided us throughout the entire process and made it as stress free as possible!

Did you have a particular theme or particular style for your day?

We did not have a theme in mind so naturally, Lynn’s favorite color and favorite things were all included to create the theme as a whole. We wanted fairy lights everywhere, and we wanted it to be simple but tasteful. We were careful to stick with the color scheme - purple, white, and gold, as it is easy to get distracted with putting too many things in the mix! We also made sure the cake fit the theme too, so our cake was an umbre of shades of purple fading into white at the top tier. It all felt so magical when we saw it on the day!

Tell us about the dress!

I knew from the start what type of dress I wanted, and I also knew I wasn’t going to go all around London looking for one! I happened to find it in the first and only place I looked! Needless to say, it was the amazing seamstresses I found here in Horsham that made it look stunning -it fit like a glove on my wedding day! I remember being super nervous before the alterations began -it feels incredibly surreal when you wear it for the first time on the day. EMBRACE IT!

Were there any special moments on the day itself that made it unique & personal?

Absolutely! As Lynn is Lebanese, we had a Lebanese Dabké group bring us into the main room for a grand entrance after our ceremony. We both danced with the band, and Will even had a go on the drums! Shortly after our entrance dance, we invited everyone to join us for a united Dabké dance where we all hold hands and move to the rhythm around the room. Seeing everyone get up and join hands, with all the seats empty, made our day! Everyone looked so happy! 

- Additionally, Jamie and the South Lodge team were kind enough to incorporate a Lebanese Mezze into our menu, and the guests absolutely loved it! 

What do you remember most about the day itself?

Having mostly everyone we love under one roof! It was so wholesome and the day was filled with joy and love. We also did not put too much stress on ourselves because we knew we were in good hands, all we wanted to do was have a good time with our loved ones - and we did! We remember the dancing just did not stop ALL DAY! Everything worked out so perfectly thanks to the team and our amazing toast master! It was all so organized yet so much fun!

What tips would you give to couples starting their wedding planning journey?

Follow the South Lodge checklist! The list of suppliers and suggested itinerary saved us from hours and hours of research and planning. We did none of that! All we had to do was tweak it to what suited us best. Also, when in doubt ask your wedding coordinator!

Make sure you have a great photographer. One of the most important people at our wedding was our photographer, capturing all of the moments we missed, and experienced of the entire day beautifully. Our memories are now safe in those photos.

Just enjoy yourself, do not stress with the planning, everyone you work with has done this hundreds of times, so they know what they are doing. Just remember everything always falls into place and just have fun together on your special day. Our day was absolutely magical and yours will be too!