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The art of cooking

The art of cooking: Knife skills

Which knife for what purpose? Let us answer this question and give you a step by step guide to chopping, slicing, dicing and more!

Half Day £99 per person | 14 September 2024

The art of cooking: Stocks and sauces

Join us at Lainston House for one of our most popular classes and learn how to take your dishes to the next level using different stocks and sauces.

Half day £149 per person | 07 September 2024

The art of cooking: Soufflés

Rise to the challenge, pun fully intended, at our Soufflé Cookery Class. Join us in the kitchen for a hands-on experience learning the delicate art of creating the perfect soufflé.

Half Day day £99
  • 03 August 2024
  • 18 October 2024