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The commercial world has been re-shaped in the past year with a heightened onus on businesses to be more conscious and considerate to their people and the planet. Corporate goodwill is now measured on an organisation’s cause, purpose and a responsible disbursement of its profits.

On October 12th and 13th, Flock — Exclusive Collection’s leadership network — will look at how organisations can marry profit with purpose, people and the planet and ultimately play their part in global change.

Flock will bring together some of the biggest influencers who are re-writing the commercial rule book including the Co-Founder of OLIO, Director of Organisational Wellbeing at Gallagher, and COE of Innocent Drinks.

The event will create conversations and actionable advice enabling friends of Flock to help their organisations B a Better Business by contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Flock: How to B a Better Business

When we set up Flock, Exclusive Collection’s leadership network, we never anticipated that the planet, our thinking and outlooks would have changed so dramatically. While the negatives of the world are a well trodden path, we are at a pivotal point where we can all seek to make changes on how and why we do things.

The purpose of Flock: How to B a Better Business is to share best practices and examples around making better informed choices that collectively will benefit the planet long-term. The event isn’t about being preachy. It’s about being practical and learning from other organisations who’ve been on the journey to realign their business from profit focused cash cows, to purpose driven organisations playing a heightened role in supporting the planet, it’s people and the future.

Exclusive Collection is a family run business meaning we can be lythe and decisive and for some years I’ve pushed for us to make sound, sustainable decisions. More recently we’ve been looking at our teams and our local communities to see how an employer such as ourselves can support better. Our journey has ultimately taken us to becoming B Corp certified; that’s no mean feat for a service business involved in food, drink, enormous amounts of housekeeping, 365 days of spa treatments and a full-time team of more than 700 people.

Achieving B Corp Certification isn’t a tick box, it gives us a new set of goals and benchmarks and most importantly areas of continuous improvement across the businesses and departments. It’s a case of being a little bit better in everything that we do - from our purchasing, our waste and recycling, to our people policies and our community engagement. Our journey has just begun and during Flock: How to B a Better Business we will be joined by senior figures from other companies who too have re-focused to realise purpose over profit.

Our Flock events always create conversation and collaboration and we continue to draw high-impact presenters to our invite only network. We kick off on Tuesday afternoon led by a vanguard of progressive thinking: Innocent Drinks. To keep the conversation fluid for the afternoon we will draw on the experiences of our panel. Dinner will bring the best of British together as we enjoy a truly local menu followed by a conversation with Mark England, Director of Sport Services, Team GB and Chef De Mission at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games who is just back from Tokyo. We will be showcasing Pennyhill Park and the conscious decisions we’ve taken on property and our speakers, who include OLIO, Dyson and Ella’s Kitchen, will share how they aligning their decisions to consider the long-term effect their organisations will make on the planet and society.

Like all our networking events there are no right or wrong answers, instead there is education, conversations and opportunities for us all to think and ultimately change for the better.

I hope you will be able to join our Flock of leaders and thinkers on the afternoon and evening of 12th, and day of 13th October as we get to grips with a new set of values and criteria affecting all our businesses.


Danny Pecorelli
Managing Director
Exclusive Collection

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