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The Next Era of Enterprise

With Sian Sunderland, co-founder of ‘A Plastic Planet’ 

Thursday 9th July, 12pm via Zoom  

‘A Plastic Planet’, a social impact non-profit dedicated to reducing single-use plastic. Sian works with global brands, retailers, and packaging suppliers to reduce the amount of indestructible plastic used by supermarkets. In Europe, nearly 40 per cent of all plastic is used for packaging, and nearly half of that wrapped food and drink. This year Sian launched a ‘plastic-free aisle’ in collaboration with Dutch supermarket, EkoPlaza, with special biomaterial packaging that easily decomposes. She is currently supporting the supermarket Iceland on their commitment to eliminating plastic packaging for all their own-brand products by 2023. Join us for a discussion around sustainability and how business needs to take responsibility for their environmental impact.