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Walpole Series – British Luxury Brands of Tomorrow: How to Adapt With Creativity & Agility

With Tom Raffield 
Wednesday 8th July, 6.30pm Via Zoom 

Join us for the fourth webinar in the series hosted in partnership with Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow which features Tom Raffield, founder of Tom Raffield, contemporary lighting, furniture and accessories design studio which uses wood to craft the next generation of design, in conversation with Robert Senior. 


Tom Raffield blends traditional techniques with modern technologies to break new ground - from its steam bending origins right up to its pioneering range of products and design services today. 


Taking steam bending to new heights, pioneering bold aesthetics and channelling the essence of the Tom Raffield ethos and design, Tom and his wife Danielle embarked on their biggest project to date. To envisage, design and build their unique family home, with every step of the journey captured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. 


Meet the creative mind who continues, who continues to challenge the norm in a world that is itself challenging the ‘norm’, as he shares his insight into the need for innovation, creativity and agility in this new era. 


Robert Senior is ex CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and partner of Redrice Ventures, Walpole’s strategic early stage investment partner.