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How to dress your Christmas table

Tip 1: Create a design that needs little maintenance

During a busy time such as Christmas, focus on creating a design that needs little maintenance and lasts throughout December, all the way through into the New Year.

To make a design that lasts, stick to incorporating potted plants such as orchids, moss, succulents and flowers. Just ensure you mist the moss, and water your flowers and flower bouquets within your display regularly.


Tip 2: Make it a real talking point on Christmas day

Don't make a conventional Christmas table display. By experimenting with colours this year that don't scream out Christmas, you can create a display that is a little more timeless.

The inspiration behind the display within The Library at Royal Berkshire, an Exclusive Venue came from a more natural woodland feel. I love the copper decoration with the gradient into gold; providing a beautiful contrast against the twigs and mosses.

The key here is to create lots of interest at table level and ensure you keep things at a manageable height; after all, you would like to see your friend or family member on the other side of the table! I incorporated decoration pieces such as the wooden reindeer, trees and wooden tealight holders. These add fullness and stand out as statement pieces . 


Tip 3: Make the finishing touches count!

Create that Christmas twinkle with plenty of tealights. Oh, and of course you need glitter and snow!!!

Your design should run through to the littlest detail on your table. So think about using any leftover pieces from your display decorate your Christmas crackers, menu cards or place cards for your Christmas setting. You could even try your hand at a very extravagant napkin fold to create some interest on your plates too.


We would love to see your dressed Christmas tables.

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