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Winter Golf survival tips

At this time of year, golf turns from being a performance sport to being a means for exercise, getting out of the house, a social event and keeping the competitive juices bubbling over. The layers being worn become more numerous and cumbersome, gloves of all descriptions are worn, bobble hats and beanies make their annual appearance and halfway houses around the country do a roaring trade in hot food, soups and coffee.

So, how do we make it, so that the game remains enjoyable and not too much of a chore? The first thing that we can do is make sure we are prepared before we set out for our round. Dressing correctly, making sure you are hydrated, fed and using the right equipment for the day are all good starts. So, here are nine tips that could go some way to ensuring a better chance of a good play in the winter months. Good luck and happy golfing!

1. Layer up!

Lots of thinner layers are easier to move in and better for retaining heat than one thick layer! Nowadays, the technology and thought is in place for base-layers with continuous improvements being made. If you require any advice in regards to golf clothing or you would like to take a look at the newest gear available, do pop in to our Manor House Professional golf shop when and as you please. We're always happy to help!

2. Drink enough fluid

Before playing, make sure you have drunk enough fluids, and are carrying enough for the round. Even in cold temperatures the body still sweats when under exertion, especially if correctly clothed, so it is important to replace those lost fluids. Water is the best thing to drink, but a flask of something warm can give you a nice lift during the round as well.

3. Fruit and energy bars

18 holes of golf will ordinarily require about five miles of walking. This uses plenty of energy. Replenish these reserves with fruit, energy bars or even a cheeky bit of chocolate occasionally. Look forward to a hearty meal back in the clubhouse when you finish your round.

4. A nice warm hat and a pair of gloves

Make sure that you keep warm by wearing a nice warm hat, winter pairs of gloves for playing in or mitts for in between shots. It is a good idea to start with more than you need. You can always remove layers, but if you don’t have it with you and the weather turns, it is very easy to get caught out.

5. Invest in a good set of waterproofs

Spend that little bit extra to make sure that waterproof means waterproof. Galvin Green for example offers a lifetime guarantee of waterproofing on all of its waterproof clothing. It is a big initial outlay, but well worth it.

6. Warm up!

Before going out to play, give the body a heads up that it is going to be required to expend a little bit of energy. If you go on to the golf course ‘cold’, it will increase the risk of injuries, as well as, playing standard taking a little bit of time to catch up with ambition.

7. Accessories

Yellow golf balls, pyramid tees and hand-warmers. All the little things that can make a cold and frosty day a bit more bearable.

8. Use the rules to your advantage

When golfing in winter, all courses will have a set of local winter rules that apply. One of these rules will be lift, clean and place. When you are on the fairway, you can mark your ball, pick it up, clean it and replace the ball to the turf within six inches of the marker, no nearer the hole. Utilise this. It isn’t often the rules play to your favour, so make sure you get the cleanest ball and the nicest lie available.

9. Visit The Manor House, an Exclusive Golf Club

We are recognised as being a great winter course because of our turfs free draining nature. This keeps us open during the wet months that other courses can struggle in and we don’t have to resort to temporary greens either. Many local golfers visit us at this time of year.

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