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A Day in a life of Chef Matt Worswick

I get up at 8 am. I start the day by making my son porridge for breakfast whilst having a coffee with my wife catching up with her about what has happened the day before as I often get in late.

At 8:30 am, I start getting ready for work as once I get there I have to get changed into my Chef uniform. I grab an apron and we are off to the kitchen.

I officially start my shift at 9 am. My first stop is to check the orders that have arrived that morning.

At 9:45 am, I then double check the restaurant covers for the day and any dietary requirements that I have to be aware of, ready to brief the team.

We have a morning meeting every day at 10:15 am in which I then go through the lunch bookings with my chefs and the restaurant team, following which the team gets ready to prep anything required for the day.

At 10:30 am, I take the time to take a half an hour to just catch up on some emails, so that at 11 am, I get back to the kitchen to get ready for service.

The team and I sit down for lunch at 11:30 am. It is so important to me to take the time with the team and ensure that everyone takes a break.

We start service at 12pm so after our short break, we are back in the kitchen and ready to cook.


At 3:30 pm, we finish service and clear down the kitchen ensuring we get ready for dinner service at the same time.

Around 4 pm, I sit down and write and print that evenings dinner menus.

The team and I sit down for dinner at 5:30pm, which is followed by our 6 pm evening meeting in the restaurant, where we go through the dinner bookings with all of the team.

We start our dinner service at 7 pm and finish service, clear down the kitchen and put in the orders for the next day around 11 pm.

I tend to leave the kitchen, get changed and drive home around 11:45.

Normally, I get home about 12:20 pm after which I get ready to wind down until I finally get to sleep around 1 am.