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Jake Bull, Lainston House's Kitchen Gardener

Jake Bull has been working at Lainston House, an Exclusive Hotel for over 6 years. Starting part time as a front of house porter during college, he moved into the bar full time where his passion for the fresh ingredients grown in the kitchen garden started. Now, 2 years on, Jake grows fresh produce for the kitchen and bar as the Hotel's kitchen gardener:

"My favourite time of year is Spring because everything is starting to show again after the winter. Seeing growth again is so satisfying. My favourite part of the garden is the polytunnels because they give an opportunity to grow the unusual and more challenging crops. This means I get to experiment with different plants, fruits and vegetables, and I am now even growing Cucamelons!"

"Working in the kitchen garden has given me more of an appreciation of fresh produce and I encourage our guests to come up to pick and try the treats that the kitchen garden offers!"