Play your best golf this season

As spring and summer are upon us, it's time to prepare yourself for the full season ahead - our resident golf coach in Castle Combe offer up 18 holes worth of tips yo help you with your golf - some you may know already, some will be fresh ground and all will hopefully get you thinking more closely about your own game. Good luck and happy golfing.
By Michael Walters, Golf Coach, The Manor House, an Exclusive Golf Club, Castle Combe.

1: be prepared

Make sure that you arrive at the course in plenty of time to be tuned in to the environment. Time to practise. Be down at the tee in plenty of time, so as not to rush.

2: correct equipment and supplies

Do not carry anything more than you need to. Too many golfers carry too many golf balls, empty bottles or unnecessary weight. If you don’t need your waterproofs, don’t take them with you.

3: hydrate

Make provisions to have enough fluid in your system before you tee off , and then drink plenty of water or electrolyte based drinks on the way round. I know it sounds incredibly obvious, but the hotter the day, the more intake is required.

4: wash!

Wash your golf clubs and grips regularly. Keeping the heads free from dirt and grime is a no brainer, what a lot of golfers don’t think about is their grips. Wash them regularly with soap and water, and it will make the grips last longer and grip better.

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5: Recalibrate

Recalibrate your distances. In the winter we hit the ball shorter distances, and as summer appears and the warmer weather starts to arrive, the ball flies further through the air and travels further after landing. Greens will also be firmer and more difficult to stop the ball on. Spend time on the practise ground working out how far each iron travels and start applying that to your golf course.

6: Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions on the course. Turn your mobile phone off, it will only take your mind off the task at hand... and annoy your playing partners.

7: practice makes perfect

Regular practise with correct thoughts will improve your game.

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8: Dress for the conditions

Check the weather forecast on the morning of play, and try to dress according to what they forecast.

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9: Lessons

Take lessons with a PGA Professional. If you look at the top of the leaderboard at your club over the course of the year and see how it relates to those people taking regular tuition, you may be surprised just how many actually do have lessons.


10: plan the hole in reverse

When on the tee plan the hole in reverse.  Work out where on the green you want to be putting from, the best approach from the fairway to play it there and how you want the tee shot to go to get you there.

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11: practise swings

Take practise swings before you hit the shot. If only to tune your body in to the feeling you want it to have when you play the shot for real.

12: looking forward or back

Don’t look too far back or forward. The shots that you have already played, (good or bad), and shots still to come in the later holes, can do nothing to help you on the hole you are on.

13: wind direction

Know where the wind is coming from. Sometimes you are sheltered on the course and can’t feel the wind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

14: play within yourself

Play within your capabilities. A glory shot is called that for a reason.

15: putting

Don’t attack every putt that you have. Sometimes a defensive play is called for. A two putt isn’t always a bad thing.

16: bad shots

You will play bad shots. It is a fact that golf is hard. Accept these shots for what they are, take your medicine and work out how to rectify your error.

17: ground up

Swing from the ground up. Build a firm and stable base in the lower body, and keep that firm foundation throughout your swing.

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and finally...

Enjoy the game. We play golf to have fun. Don’t take it too seriously!

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