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Our agent values: a powerful route to market

Choice is an important aspect of the experience and this is why we are working with the leading agents in our industry. Agents have a core role in the meetings and events market, they are both buyer and seller and this gives them a distinct perspective that is beneficial to both event organisers and meeting and event venues.

Event organisers benefit from the vast market knowledge, organising expertise, diverse contact bank and powerful negotiating strength their agents bring to the process.  For venues, the value of working with agents is every bit as powerful. It’s a relationship that delivers immediate business benefits, such as increased revenue through access to a larger pool of clients, along with the potent, yet subtler, long-term advantages of market intelligence and insight.

I like to compare it to the relationship between monarchs and their courtiers. Monarchs have the top-level knowledge and wisdom of their country and its dynamics, underpinned by a profound love for that nation and everything it stands for. The courtiers, who were often soldiers, clergy and clerks, were able to provide monarchs with a more diverse world view. They mixed and worked at ground level, so they knew what would please the people and keep the monarch in favour; better able to guide them toward a more prosperous future.

Agents keep us in touch. They challenge our product and service offering, divulge deep-rooted insight into market expectation and provide intelligence on the future direction of our industry. It’s this first hand feedback and advice from the broad perspective of the entire industry that we receive from our agents that enables us to continuously improve and perfect our meetings and events product.

To me, the advantage that working with the industry’s leading global agents brings to Exclusive; to our meetings and events process, cannot be understated. Exclusive is committed to moving forward, to leading the meetings and events industry with an ever evolving proposition. Working with agents is an opportunity that enables us to ensure we remain informed and grounded, inspired and innovative, connected and relevant, as we endeavour, year after year, to achieve our principal and defining goal - to deliver ever-increasing event-booking delight.