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The Exclusive Meetings and Events Advisory Board: Exclusive to us, a model for the industry

You see, once a person has had their first experience of excellence, their next, if it is only ‘as good’ will take them a little less by surprise. In time, as their familiarity grows, the excellence they experience each time, though still every bit as expertly crafted as the first, may begin to seem ordinary. At Exclusive, ordinary is not an option.

“I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it.” Oscar Wilde
To match the high standards set by the Exclusive brand, our meetings and events product must perpetually find new ways to delight, inspire and impress. Our aim is to lead the sector, constantly evolving and reacting to market demands. It’s an enticing, yet insatiable goal, one which we’ve just invited a notable group of our industry colleagues to strive toward with us. Why? Because we recognise that greatness is achieved through wisdom and collaboration. Two heads, or more, as they say, are always better than one.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein
Our Exclusive Advisory Board, launched this year, is a collection of some of the finest, most experience minds in our industry, working together. It’s with the depth of their industry experience, intricate knowledge and influential contacts powering the guidance they provide us with that we intend to ensure every Exclusive meetings and events experience is as inspiring as the first for every delegate and event organiser we serve.  

The Exclusive Meetings & Events Advisory Board includes:

Jane Baker, Commercial Director – 2Heads Creative
Chris Parnham, Managing Director - Absolute Corporate Events
Fay Sharpe, Managing Director – Zibrant
Jennifer Jenkins, Managing Director – MCI UK
Ben Goedegebuure, Global General Manager – Maritz Europe (based in The Hague)
Heather Lishman, Executive Director – ABPCO
Tracy Halliwell MBE, Head of Business Tourism - London & Partners
Chris Foy, Head of Business Visits and Events – Visit Britain
Jacqui Kavanagh, CEO – Trinity Event Solutions
Jodi Collen CSEP, President - International Special Events Society (based in Minneapolis)
Jennifer Claire Scott CSEP, Event Director – Empire Force Events (based in New York City)

Every board member is an accomplished industry professional that brings vast experience and achievement. Each has a profound understanding of and insight into the meetings and events industry as it is now, its trends and its future direction. Each has the gravitas to be a brand ambassador for Exclusive Hotels and Venues business and we’re delighted to have their engagement and support.

Yet, the biggest development, as I see it, is this strategic collaboration of industry experts to achieve a specific commercial goal. They have volunteered to work with us, so that together we can set a universal blueprint for what it means to have an exceptional event experience, to deliver what our market wants today and to look ahead to identify what it will ask of us tomorrow.  I believe the Exclusive M&E Advisory Board is a strength for the entire industry, a platform from which we can all build a solid future

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