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How to get the best out of your tennis game

Choose the right racket for you

In my many years of experience, you always find too often, that you may just be choosing the wrong racket for you. One key tip is to select a 27 inch racket with the correct grip size - all adults need this size of a racket.

All rackets come with Grip sizes ranging from 1- 5. To know which racket is right for you, ensure that there is a gap the same width as your index finger between the tips of your fingers and your thumb when holding the racket.


Steady on!

One main mistake that we at Prime Tennis  often find is that beginners are under the perception that you have to hit the tennis ball hard with speed

Just focus on keeping a steady speed on the swing. You must resist trying to hit too hard!

Teamwork is key

To progress in your tennis journey, it is always a good idea to join a group or find a playing partner that is of a similar standard.

This will allow you to progress together and work on the relevant parts of the game.

Serve up a good shot

Now that it is Wimbledon season, it is the prime time to watch tennis. I recommend watching the serve as this is a key shot that can make you win the game.

At club level tennis, this is generally the weakest part of the game and yet I always stress to my clients that this is their first chance to win the point.

Reach for the highest points

Lastly, I always encourage that players need to focus on reaching up to their highest point. Try to hit to the back of the service box to make it harder for the returner! 

Who's excited about trying these tips this Wimbledon Season?

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