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Uncover the cosmetic properties of diamonds 

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon linked together by strong covalent bonds, organised in a crystalline structure, the main elements responsible for its special cosmetic characteristics. Diamonds have excellent optical and mechanical properties, among these physical qualities are its extreme hardness and thermal conductivity. They are the hardest material with the highest thermal conductivity levels known to man. It is also believed that diamonds have a natural affinity to energise the body and due to it's extreme hardness, diamond dust makes the perfect exfoliating agent in cosmetic masks and peelings. 

Diamond exfoliation

Diamond exfoliation can even act in the deepest layers of skin, and as a result the exfoliation process and the regeneration of skin is stimulated and a true brightness and uniformity in skin tone is achieved. The diamond's high thermal conductivity levels also improves the skin's micro-circulation which contributes to
the generation of more efficient energy and therefore to an improvement of cell metabolism, essential for skin regeneration. By boosting micro-circulation, diamonds help increase cell breathing, therefore improving the skin’s vitality. As a result, the appearance of the skin is more radiant and luminous.

The use of diamonds at The Spa

In facial treatments, Natura Bissé uses Diamond Peptide Delivery System, an exclusive and revolutionary release system that stimulates and improves the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin through diamond nano-particles. This guarantees optimal benefits of the active ingredients and provides rejuvenating, lasting and cumulative results.

In body treatments, such as our Diamond Rose Body Ritual, Natura Bissé uses diamond dust and provides not only deep relaxation and indulgence but also provides the skin with great luminosity. 



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