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An Exclusive real life wedding - Kayleigh and Chesney

Meet the Happy Couple

How did you meet?

Chesney and I met at school while we were on a school ski trip to Canada. We chatted on the trip but when we got home we did not speak much until the following year when we went on another ski trip to France. We became very good friends and spent a lot of time together.

Tell us about the proposal...

By the time he proposed, we had been together for nearly ten years! I had been waiting a long time so he wanted to propose when I was not expecting it. The weather was lovely so we decided to take our dog for a walk and have a picnic (we had done this the week before so it did not seem out of the ordinary). We ate our picnic in a familiar spot where we walk the dog and then he suggested we go for a wander. I got up to put my shoes on and turned to see him on one knee with the ring in his hand. I cried and hugged him then shouted at the dog to get out of the picnic basket where she was munching some food! It was a beautiful scene, the sun, the lush grass, rolling fields and perfect for us. We stayed for a while and had some champagne and took some photos before going home to tell everyone. My mum was in Italy and I could not get hold of her for hours. Chesney’s parents were very pleased and had got Champagne and balloons– Ches had told her he was going to propose but not exactly when so she said she had had the balloons and Champagne in the fridge for a week!!

How did you choose The Manor House as your wedding destination?

We started our search around Bristol and one of my friends attends a lunch club at The Manor House and said it was beautiful. I looked at it online and made an appointment straight away. It was the first place we looked at and as we drove down the driveway I burst into tears. We looked at about 10 others places but nothing compared or gave me that same feeling.

What theme are you going for?

I knew I wanted the wedding to be traditional, elegant and classy. I wanted a grand venue to match my vision and the theme which was ‘diamonds and pearls’ as both of us worked in the jewellery business and love jewellery and precious items.

The theme has inspired our colour choices of ivory and silver. As I want it grand and traditional, the men are wearing black tie to suit the theme we want to create.

What tips would you give to a couple starting to make their wedding plans?

Just make sure that everything you choose is what you want and is reflective of your personalities and interests.

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We cannot wait to be part of Kayleigh and Chesney's big day in August!

The Happy couple: The soon to be: Kayleigh and Chesney Windsor
The special date: Thursday 2nd August 2018
The location: Ceremony to be held at Frenchay Parish Church, Bristol. Reception to be held at The Manor House, an Exclusive Hotel & Golf Club
Photographer on the day: Paul at White Dove Photography
Attire: Wedding Dress by Allure Bridals, Suits by Just for you Bridal and Bridesmaid dresses yet to be confirmed.