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Wedding Wisdom: 10 Top Tips for your perfect day!

1. Viewing a venue on a wet gloomy day and loving it is the best test as you will love it even more on a dry sunny day!

2. Trust in your wedding team – they experience so many things and know what works for a smooth running day, they are experts in what they do!

3. Build in some time on the day to have some time out as a couple so you can take it all in together and soak up the moment.

4. Pick a special scent (perfume / aftershave) for your wedding day that always takes you back and reminds you of the memories of that day when you smell it again.

5. Go with your gut on what you want for your day rather than what you think your guests will want to please them – they are ultimately there to celebrate you!!

6. Book a long weekend away as a couple (spa break!) as close to the wedding as you can to regroup and switch off from all the planning and ignite the excitement vibes.

7. Task a bridesmaid with putting a getting ready playlist together for the morning whilst you’re getting ready, it will help calm the nerves and build the excitement.

8. If you fall in love with a venue but it's out of budget – look at tweaking your ideal wedding date with off-peak months or look at weekdays to save cost – your friends and family will always take the time off to come to your big day! A Thursday wedding is great as it means you can extend the celebrations further into the weekend and guests who have travelled or come a bit further don’t have to rush off.

9. Make your menu tasting an event – book to stay so you can really enjoy sampling the food AND wines! It also allows you to get used to the hotel surroundings so it's not all new to you on the day, meaning you have more time to soak up the wedding itself.

10. Give your phone to a bridesmaid and task them with taking pictures throughout the day so you have them to look back on together on the wedding night.

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